DETOX Cleanse

Have you suffered from bloating for a long time? Or are you thinking about starting with Intermittent Fasting but not sure how to start? Then consider a JUIZS detox cleanse! With the unique personal coaching program you also have the opportunity to be advised by one of our orthomolecular nutrition advisors. On to a healthy(er) lifestyle!

give your body a reset

With a detox cleanse from JUIZS it’s like pressing the reset button on your body. As you may know, your body mainly recovers. ‘at night. That is also the period when you do not eat, but are fasting. With a detox cure from JUIZS you actually extend the period of fasting during the night. This gives your body longer time for real recovery.

A lot of research is currently being done into the health benefits of a period of fasting as with a detox cure from JUIZS. JUIZS customers indicate that they:

lose weight on average 0.5 kg-1 kg per day;
have a visibly flatter stomach;
it helps them integrate intermittent fasting into their lives.

did you know that...?

an average person with an average effort (so not a top athlete or road worker – people with an extra heavy physical effort) should eat nothing for eight hours to switch from your sugar burning to your fat burning at all? A JUIZS detox cleanse will help you with that!

the different detox cleanses from JUIZS


At JUIZS we have juice cleanses for 3, 5 or 7 days in two different variants; an all day variant and a till dinner variant. There is always a detox juice cleanse that suits your wishes and lifestyle!


when till dinner

when all day

The Till Dinner is our mild juice cleanse, ideal if you want to continue exercising during the juice cure or if you have a heavy, physical job. You can still have one low carb, vegetarian meal a day? Need inspiration for dishes? We’ve got your back, you will find it in your package.

The All Day is our complete detox, which means that during the juice cleanse days you will live completely liquid on JUIZS juices, smoothies and shots. The All Day juice cleanse is therefore spicier than the Till Dinner, but the results are also deeper.


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