The difference between HPP and Pasteurization

Actually, for the maximum preservation of vitamins, you should drink a juice immediately after it has been pressed. But of course that is not possible, we are not always next to you when you feel like having a cold pressed juice. Freezing is also not ideal, because the ice crystals in the juice cause flocculation when you thaw the juice. The very best way to make juices last longer, without losing vitamins, is by using the very latest technology with water pressure. HPP stands for High Pressure Processing and that is the technique we use for all our juices, smoothies and shots. It is very different from pasteurization. What exactly is the difference? We explain it in this blog!

The old fashioned way : Pasteurization

Pasteurization is actually the way you are used to and is used with (almost) all bottles and cartons of juice that you can find on the shelves of the supermarket. Pasteurization involves heating food, packaged or not, at temperatures above 84 degrees. Only the core temperature of the food is decisive, so the temperature of the heart of the product. Logically, by definition, it takes a while for the core to get that desired temperature of more than 84%. The result is that the outside of the product is exposed to that high temperature much longer, which can lead to over-cooking. A big disadvantage of this temperature change is the loss of the nutritional values, so think of the vitamins, enzymes and minerals in the juice. Pasteurization can also cause color change and can affect the smell and taste of the product.

our way : High Pressure Processing (HPP)

HPP stands for High Pressure Processing and is the very latest technology from the United States to make food last longer without compromising nutritional values ​​or nutritional quality. The best way to extend the shelf life of live juice without losing flavor, vitamins, minerals and enzymes is to minimize the amount of oxygen possible. After all, oxygen spoils and ensures that valuable vitamins are lost through exposure.

The problems with pasteurization, such as that the outside gets a higher heating than the core of the product, so that valuable nutrients are lost, they are not there with the HPP process. So nothing changes in the nutritional values, smell, color or taste of the product. By using water pressure, we, as it were, squeeze the oxygen out of the juice. Just think about diving, then you should not ascend too fast because otherwise the oxygen bubbles in the blood will become too large and explode. In the HPP process we use the same principle: after bottling, the juices are put in a very long tube (with the cap and all). The tube is then put under very high water pressure, certainly a few thousand bar. As a result, all oxygen is pushed out of the bottle. The result: a longer-lasting juice, without loss of vitamins, enzymes and minerals and without changes in taste and / or smell. The juice has a longer shelf life and is still super fresh! This can also be seen in the juice: if the juice stands longer, the juice separates. The same happens if you leave a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

With the HPP process we can extend the shelf life of the juice by four weeks after the pressing date, without having it heated or preservatives added. The juices must be kept in the refrigerator. We do not press all flavors every day (yet), but we always ensure that, from the delivery date, your juices can be kept for at least the duration of your detox juice cure or, with a shots / self-composed package, has a shelf life of at least one week, often much longer. Do you want to start with your juices later? Then freeze your juices. Frozen juice will keep for months.


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