JUIZS Detox juice cleanse review of Jasmina

Jasmina of Sparklesinsides recently did a JUIZS Detox Juice cleanse. She did not always find it easy and sometimes smuggled a bit, but she still achieved very good results. She also indicates that as a diabetes 1 patient she had very stable values during the detox. Read her honest blog here:

Recently I was introduced to the detox juice cleanse of JUIZS for the first time. During this Corona time I wanted to boost my immune system by resetting my body. My body just needed a reset after my severe miscarriage. Read below how the detox juice cleanse of JUIZS was for me. I kept a short diary of the first 3 days, the last 2 days were so chaotic that I totally forgot.



With a detox juice cleanse you refrain yourself of solid food and replace them with juices. During this period you will only receive “clean” food, full of vitamins and minerals that are good for cleaning your body and good for your digestion. You should definitely not use products that are difficult to digest during this period. There are of course many ways of detoxing, it is not the case that a detox juice cleanse is the only option. If you do the cleanse properly, you will see that your skin will be calmer and you will feel better about yourself. Sometimes it takes a bit of time.



You shouldn’t start a detox juice cleanse cold turkey. It is very important that you prepare your body properly. The detox package included a booklet with low-carbohydrate preparation and building up recipes. Step by step you go back to normal eating as well as you also start step by step. I myself have not done the preparation correctly and therefore the juice cleanse was probably harder than expected.



I started the day really well and thought this is a piece of cake. In the afternoon I started to feel hungry but I persisted. In the evening my great-aunt passed away and things went a bit wrong there. I took my smoothies in the car but forgot to drink them. When I got home at night, however, I had a binge. I have been an emotional eater and in no time I ate a bowl of chips with dipping sauce. Oops. Maybe this was not the right day to start, but on the other hand I didn’t know at all that she was going to pass away.



Day 2 went a lot better and I had less appetite. I did get a headache but I am not sure whether I should link that to the detoxification process of the juice cleanse or because I was just very stressed. I did have a little soup with dinner in the evening, so I didn’t quite keep up with the cleanse. Apart from that, I didn’t eat anything and drank a lot of water (with lemon) and tea (without sugar).



Today was the day of the funeral of my aunt  and I actually expected that I would find this day the hardest. I brought all my juices and powershots to the funeral. Today it went much better than the first days. Quite bizarre for such a busy chaotic day. I also felt really full of energy.



Can you lose weight with a detox juice cleanse? Absolutely! But is that the reason for doing the cleanse? Definitely not as far as I’m concerned. Many people want to lose weight quickly and for this reason do a detox juice cleanse. They do not prepare for the cleanse properly. Not very smart, because if you turn back to an unhealthy lifestyle again, the kilos will be back on soon. In the beginning, you will lose a lot of fluid and it is a shame to replace it with fat after your detox. You can use the detox well as a kickstart to a healthier lifestyle with which you want to lose weight.



As you are used to from me, my reviews are always based on my honest opinion. I found the detox quite tough at times. I don’t think this is because of the detox juice cleanse itself, but rather because of the way I did it. I started in a hurry and did not prepare properly.


The first day I had a hard time, I don’t know if it was because the cleanse was so heavy or if it was because of the death that we had in the family. In the evening I also felt pretty bad because I hadn’t kept it up and I actually wanted to throw in the towel right away. The first day of the detox juice cleanse I was also in the car for 3 hours to my parents. Normally I walk around snacking on everything, but not this time.


I am happy that I was able to experience how a detox juice cleanse works. Even though I didn’t do it completely by the book, after 5 days I felt much more energetic. Since my last miscarriage, I have had vitamin B12 deficiency and anemia and I don’t seem to be getting this right. I’ve been exhausted for weeks. After 5 days of detox, this was of course not over, but I did feel much more energetic.


My skin was also much calmer after 5 days of detoxing. I had less pimples and blemishes.


I lie when I say I found the detox easy, because I didn’t think it was. It was definitely worth trying. The detox was a new experience, but a tough one. It may be easier if you do it exactly by the book. So you need to hold on.


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