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Everything you need to know about our balance box!


Balance box

The JUIZS balance box consists of juices, smoothies and shots for one day.

The JUIZS Balance Box can be used in many ways:

As a try-out for a real detox juice cure of several days.
Like taking a step back for a day after a period of much and (often) less healthy food;
Like the juice day in the form of Intermittent Fasting where you plan one juice day every week


The longer the period of Intermittent Fasting (IF), the greater the potential for health benefits.

A lot of research is being done on the health benefits of Intermittent Fasting (IF). One of these is to boost fat burning. Do you want to know more about that? You can read it in the blog below!

I find this very interesting, how does intermittent fasting improve fat burning?


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