Detox juice cleanse 5 days

Everything you need to know about the five-day juice cure!


5 days of detoxing


Most of our clients opt for our five day detox juice cleanse, either during the work week or they plan it as a midweek with the weekend added.

During the five-day detox you will receive an invitation to schedule a personal nutritional advice with one of our orthomolecular nutritional advisors. This is unique: JUIZS is the only juice cleanse provider that offers this service. During the nutritional advice you can ask all your questions about the juice cleanse and about how you can continue a healthy lifestyle after your juice cleanse. Because that’s what we believe in: that a JUIZS juice cleanse can really work as a reset to a healthier lifestyle!


At JUIZS we have the five-day juice cleanse in an all day variant and a till dinner variant. There is always a detox juice cure that suits your wishes and lifestyle!

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when till dinner

The Till Dinner is our mild juice cleanse, ideal if you want to continue exercising during the juice cure or if you have a heavy, physical job. You can still have one low carb, vegetarian meal a day? Need inspiration for dishes? We’ve got your back, you will find it in your package.

when all day

The All Day is our complete detox, which means that you will live completely liquid on JUIZS juices, smoothies and shots during the juice cleanse days. The All Day juice cleanse is therefore spicier than the Till Dinner, but the results are also deeper.

What do our customers say about the juizs 5 day juice cleanse?


Please find enclosed an overview of the most frequently asked questions about our 5day detox juice cleanse. If your question is not listed, feel free to ask us!

In principle, the longer you do a detox juice cleanse, the deeper the results will be. After all, you give your digestive organs longer to work on recovery. You will also likely lose more weight with a five-day detox juice cleanse than with a three-day detox, from the more logical consequence that you will be in a calorie deficit for longer.


A longer detox also brings other benefits: you will notice that your body will get used to not eating and will have less trouble keeping it up. After that, it also becomes easier to learn a healthier lifestyle rhythm with fewer snacks, your body has already become used to much less eating times per day. Just keep in mind that the longer you do a detox juice cleanse, the longer you have to take the time to rebuild your nutrition. We are therefore happy to guide you with our coaching programs during the build up days.

Most people who took the JUIZS juice cleanse lost an average of 1 / 2-1 kilos per day. We like to see our juice cleanses as a kickstart for a healthy lifestyle; You will achieve the most long-lasting result if you continue to eat healthy after your juice cleanse and maintain the awareness of what you eat in a day (sometimes we eat thoughtlessly). We can hardly indicate in advance how much you will lose weight. There are several factors that can influence whether someone loses weight or not, such as hormonal fluctuations or medication use.

Yes, that’s possible! Ayurvedic nutrition recommends planning a detox juice cleanse once every quarter, preferably along with the changing of the seasons. Does that sound like something to you? Take a look at our detox subscriptions and subscribe to a subscription of your favorite juice cleanse. You will receive a whopping 30% discount on the price!

No, preferably not. It is important to stay below a certain calorie maximum to really give your digestive organs rest, so that they can focus on recovery. If you really are facing difficult times during the cleans, and really have to cheat, take some raw vegetables. If you continue to exercise during your detox juice cleanse, you can always take an extra protein source, such as a handful of unroasted nuts or the protein from a boiled egg.


The longer the Intermittent Fasting (IF) period lasts, the greater the chance of health benefits.

Much research is being done into the health benefits of Intermittent Fasting (IF). One of these is boosting the fat burning progress. Do you want to learn more about this? You can find out more in the blog below!

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