Do you have trouble getting your daily amount of vegetables? Or do you have a child who refuses to eat vegetables? Then our veggie shots are really something for you!

Our veggie shots are small 125 ml bottles, packed with vegetables! The vegetable percentage varies between 76% and 83%. In these veggie shots we partly keep the vegetable fibers intact. With this you come with 1 veggie shot already at half your RDA of vegetables per day!

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The veggie shot of casual carrot contains, among other things. cold-pressed carrot, parsnip and pumpkin, a total of at least 83% vegetables.


The veggie shot of cool cucumber contains, among other things. cold-pressed cucumber, zucchini and spinach, a total of at least 77% vegetables.


The veggie shot brilliant bite contains among others, cold-pressed beetroot, avocado and fennel, a total of at least 76% vegetables.


Can’t choose between the different veggie shots? Then choose the grand selection package! You will receive 10 of each flavour and one extra of one flavour!

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Would you like to have a veggie shot package in your house every month? Then choose the Veggie Shot subscription. With this you receive a whopping 20% ​​discount on the regular package price. Like all our other subscriptions, it is a flexible subscription. Also check for all conditions: Subscriptions

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All our packages are delivered fresh and chilled. Immediately after pressing the juices and shots we HPP the juices. This is the very latest technology to extend the shelf life of foodstuffs without preservatives or heating by means of water pressure. This allows us to deliver super fresh and yet extend the shelf life of the juices. However, does the month last even longer than the given best before date? Then freeze your juices and shots. Frozen juice will keep for months in the freezer.

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Like our juices, our shots are cold pressed. This means that no heat is used in the production process and that the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes from the raw vegetables and fruits is retained.

Try squeezing juice from a ginger or turmeric root, you will notice immediately that it is really difficult. It also means that the concentrate of our ginger shots and turmeric shots is really high. That makes them very spicy - a real shot - we would say. Is it too spicy for you? Make a tea from the shots: dilute half a shot with boiled water.

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