Juice cleanse All Day 7 Days

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I'M SMOOTHIE Avocado Cucumber Fennel 60% X 4

Apple | Cucumber | Kale | Fennel | Spinach | Avocado | Broccoli | Lime

I'M JUICE Orange Carrot Ginger X 4

Carrot | Orange | Apple | Ginger

I'M WATER Coconut water X 7

100% coconut water

I'M SMOOTHIE Avocado Mango Coconut X 3

Apple | Mango | Avocado | Coconut milk | Banana | Spinach | Passion fruit

I'M JUICE Apple Peach Raspberry X 3

Apple | Peach | Raspberry

I'M CHIA Chia Mango Spinach X 3

Apple | Mango | Water | Spinach | Kiwi | Chia seeds | note: contains kiwi

I'M CHIA Chia Apple Mango X 7

Apple | Water | Mango | Banana | Passion fruit | Chia seeds

Lose 0,5 kg to 1 kg a day and reset your body with the seven-day all-day juice cleanse from JUIZS including personal nutritional advice!

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With a seven-day All Day juice  cleanse of JUIZS you will receive in addition to your 56 juices, smoothies and shots:

  • a pre-detox and post-detox program in order to successfully prepare and end your juice cleanse;
  • the JUIZS program when you drink which juice;
  • access to our exclusive online coaching program
  • a personal nutritional advice by an orthomolecular nutrition advisor
    21 days check: how are you doing and do you have any questions?
  • Extra: 30 days of healthy recipes in the email


Are you allergic to one of the ingredients or do you really not like a taste, let us know via the comments field at the check-out page. We will replace that juice for you.

Delivery and shelf life

Plan your detox well and choose the delivery date that fits best. All juices are delivered fresh; make sure you have enough space in your fridge. In the unlikely event that the detox does not come true, you can always freeze your juices. Frozen juice actually doesn’t go bad and keeps well in the freezer for at least 6 months.

Environmentally conscious bottle

All our bottles are made from 75% recycled BPA free plastic and 25% biobased plastic (a fully biodegradable form of plastic). There is no deposit on the bottles. We do, however, recommend that you hand them in at a plastic collection point.

Nice to know

All our juices, smoothies and shots are vegan and all gluten and lactose free.


Juizs pome granate
    Juizs venkel


    Via our website, you will pay 100% securely via iDEAL (NL), BanContact (BE) or via PayPal (all credit cards). Subscriptions are automatically debited after the 1st delivery.


    Via the special cooled transport service of Leen Menken, we deliver all our juices, smoothies and shops fresh and cooled at your front door, throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.


    All our juices, smoothies and shots are cold pressed. In addition, we apply the newest technology of HPP to the juices, which secures a longer shelf life without loss of nutritional values.


    All our juices come in an environmentally conscious bottle, consisting of 75% RPET (recycled PET) and 25% Biobased plastic (fully biodegradable plastic).