7 Days juice cleanse - All Day

The 7-day All Day juice cleanse is a complete detox juice cleanse of 7 days. In total you will receive 56 bottles from us:

28 juices,
7 smoothies,
7 coconut waters,
14 shots,
Preparation and build up recipes
and of course our coaching program

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All our juices, smoothies and shots are vegan. In addition, they are all gluten and lactose free. Do you want to know exactly which ingredients we use per juice? Then take a look at the page: Our Assortment. Are you allergic to any of the ingredients? Then indicate it in the comments field, and we will replace that juice for another juice.

All our juices, smoothies and shots are also coldpressed, so with maximum preservation of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. They only consist of coldpressed fruits and vegetables. In some recipes we use spices such as fresh ginger or turmeric, but we don’t add anything else. So 100% mess-free!

All our packages are delivered fresh. Immediately after pressing the juices, smoothies and shots, we use the HPP (High Pressure Processing) technology for all our products. This allows us to deliver super fresh and yet get the juices with longer shelf life to you. We always ensure that you can do a detox juice cleanse within the shelf life of the juices, counting from the date after receipt. Always check the expiration date on the cap upon receipt. Do you want to start drinking your juices, smoothies or shots further away? Then freeze them, frozen juice will keep in the freezer for months.

Coaching Program 7days juice blogs:

  • Online coaching program
  • WhatsApp support at  06-12929764
  • (video) call nutritional advice
  • 21 days check


Juizs pome granate
Juizs venkel


Via our website, you will pay 100% securely via iDEAL (NL), BanContact (BE) or via PayPal (all credit cards). Subscriptions are automatically debited after the 1st delivery.


Via the special cooled transport service of Leen Menken, we deliver all our juices, smoothies and shops fresh and cooled at your front door, throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.


All our juices, smoothies and shots are cold pressed. In addition, we apply the newest technology of HPP to the juices, which secures a longer shelf life without loss of nutritional values.


All our juices come in an environmentally conscious bottle, consisting of 75% RPET (recycled PET) and 25% Biobased plastic (fully biodegradable plastic).