VEGGIE Beet Fennel monthly package (30 bottles)

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Being sure that you are getting enough vegetables every day of the month? You can easily reach this with the JUIZS veggie monthly package. 101 gr. cold-pressed vegetables per shot!




With the VEGGIE Beet Fennel monthly package you will receive 30 Beet Fennel veggie shots, one for each day of the month. Each VEGGIE Beet Fennel contains 101 grams of cold-pressed vegetables.

All the good from Beet & Fennel

Each type of vegetable has its own health benefits. The veggie shots consist of a high volume of cold-pressed vegetables and are therefore very nutritious.

Red beets for better oxygen absorption in the blood; especially well known for endurance sports such as cycling and long distance running.

Fennel is low in calories and acts as an antioxidant. It also contains many minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron.


Delivery and shelf life

A monthly package of VEGGIE shots is intended for freezing, so that you always have fresh VEGGIE shots at home. All juices are delivered fresh; so keep in your fridge for the first few days, but freeze the veggie shots for later in the month. Frozen juice actually doesn’t go bad and keeps well in the freezer for at least 6 months.

Environmentally conscious bottle

All our bottles are made from 75% recycled BPA free plastic and 25% biobased plastic (a fully biodegradable form of plastic). There is no deposit on the bottles. We do, however, recommend that you hand them in at a plastic collection point.

Still nice to know

All our juices, smoothies and shots are vegan and all gluten and lactose free.


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    Via our website, you will pay 100% securely via iDEAL (NL), BanContact (BE) or via PayPal (all credit cards). Subscriptions are automatically debited after the 1st delivery.


    Via the special cooled transport service of Leen Menken, we deliver all our juices, smoothies and shops fresh and cooled at your front door, throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.


    All our juices, smoothies and shots are cold pressed. In addition, we apply the newest technology of HPP to the juices, which secures a longer shelf life without loss of nutritional values.


    All our juices come in an environmentally conscious bottle, consisting of 75% RPET (recycled PET) and 25% Biobased plastic (fully biodegradable plastic).