Subscription Monthly Package Shot Ginger

Flexible subscription to the monthly package Ginger with a 20% discount. You will receive 3 boxes with shots every month. Each box contains 12 shots, so 36 shots in total. You can cancel the subscription at any time after four months.

Our ginger shot is a power boost from cold pressed ginger. Ginger is known as a natural fat burner. For example, ginger is very good for the stomach and intestines. Ginger also ensures that nutrients are better absorbed, up to 200%.

59.96 / month and a 0.01 sign-up fee



How does it work: 

  • You take out the monthly subscription for at least four times. This means that you receive a juice package (own composition) or shots package of your choice four times at a whopping 20% ​​discount. After receiving your monthly package four times, you can always cancel your subscription. Just emailing [email protected] is sufficient;
  • The first time you pay via the website; the other three times you pay by direct debit;
  • For the first time, you determine your delivery date and delivery window via the website. Just before it’s time for your next month package, you will receive an email from Audrey. In coordination with you, Audrey will agree with you when and what time you wish to receive your next month package. So if you have just gone on holiday, we will simply shift the delivery date. Do you want to skip a month? No problem, we will postpone the delivery for a month;
  • Do you want to change the shots package per month or do you want to put together a juice package yourself? This is possible! The price for all monthly packages is the same. In consultation with Audrey, you decide which package you would like to receive every month.

Please note: 

All our packages are freshly and chilled. Immediately after pressing the juices, smoothies and shots, we make use of the HPP technique to extend the shelf life of the juices. HPP is a special technique which makes use of water pressure. This allows us to deliver super fresh juices and make sure you can keep them fresh for a longer period of time. Do you have to postpone your quarterly detox cleanse? Please freeze your juices, smoothies and shots. You can keep frozen juices for months in the freezer. Simply unfreeze them when you are ready to drink them!


Juizs pome granate
Juizs venkel


Via our website, you will pay 100% securely via iDEAL (NL), BanContact (BE) or via PayPal (all credit cards). Subscriptions are automatically debited after the 1st delivery.


Via the special cooled transport service of Leen Menken, we deliver all our juices, smoothies and shops fresh and cooled at your front door, throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.


All our juices, smoothies and shots are cold pressed. In addition, we apply the newest technology of HPP to the juices, which secures a longer shelf life without loss of nutritional values.


All our juices come in an environmentally conscious bottle, consisting of 75% RPET (recycled PET) and 25% Biobased plastic (fully biodegradable plastic).