3 Days juice cleanse - subscription

Choose from a detox quarter subscription to the 3-day full (All Day) or mild (Till Dinner) detox juice cleanse from JUIZS at a 30% discount on the regular price of your favorite juice cleanse.

You subscribe for one year (4 deliveries), after which you can cancel the subscription at any time without any obligation.

At the 3-day All Day juice cleanse, you with replace all your meals with the juices, smoothies and shots from JUIZS, at the 3-day Till Dinner juice cleanse you are allowed one more light, vegetarian meal per day.

From: 65.59 every 3 months





  • Ayurvedic dietetics indicates that it is a healthy habit to do a detox cleanse of a few days every quarter, preferably going along with the seasonal changes, because then you prepare your body for a different season. If you are interested in doing a juice cleanse every quarter, think about subscribing to our detox subscription. You will receive a whopping 30% discount on the regular price of your favorite juice cleanse
  • You subscribe to the detox subscription for at least 1 year. This means that you will receive 4x your detox juice cleanse of your choice at a 30% discount. After receiving 4x the juice cleanse of your choice, you are free to cancel your subscription anytime. Just emailing [email protected] is sufficient;
  • The first time you pay through the payment portal of the website, the other three times you pay by direct debit (SEPA);
  • For the first time, you determine your delivery date and delivery window via the website. Just before it is time for your next quarterly package, you will receive an email from Audrey. In consultation with you, Audrey will coordinate with you when and what time you wish to receive your next quarterly package. If you were just planning to go on holiday, we will simply shift the delivery date;
  • Do you want to change the length or type of juice cleanse per quarter (All Day / or Till Dinner)? This is possible! The amount that is debited then remains the same, but if the price becomes lower, we will refund the difference. If the price becomes higher, we ask you to the transfer the difference to us directly.

Coaching program 3days juice cleanse:

  • Online coaching program
  • WhatsApp support at  06-12929764


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Via our website, you will pay 100% securely via iDEAL (NL), BanContact (BE) or via PayPal (all credit cards). Subscriptions are automatically debited after the 1st delivery.


Via the special cooled transport service of Leen Menken, we deliver all our juices, smoothies and shops fresh and cooled at your front door, throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.


All our juices, smoothies and shots are cold pressed. In addition, we apply the newest technology of HPP to the juices, which secures a longer shelf life without loss of nutritional values.


All our juices come in an environmentally conscious bottle, consisting of 75% RPET (recycled PET) and 25% Biobased plastic (fully biodegradable plastic).