With our monthly package of shots, you have more than enough shots for a super healthy shot from JUIZS every day of the month.

    • Green ginger shots

      Monthly package SHOT Green Ginger

      3 boxes, in total 36 shots (€ 59.95)

    • Monthly Package SHOT Ginger

      3 boxes, in total 36 shots (€ 59.95)


    Coldpressed ginger power boost. Ginger is known as a natural fat burner. For example, ginger is very good for the stomach and intestines. Ginger also ensures that nutrients are better absorbed, up to 200%.


    This is our very latest shot and if you ask us the best of both worlds. It combines all the goodness of our ginger shot with spinach and spirulina. Spirulina is actually a superfood algae and contains many minerals.

    Kurkuma shots


    Power boost from cold-pressed turmeric. Turmeric is known as the natural medicine, mainly because of its powerful anti-inflammatory effect. That is why it fits perfectly in a detox juice cleanse, but is also the ideal shot if you often have inflammation complaints.


    Red fruits and citrus fruits are known for their high vitamin C content. The Acerola cherry is one of the fruits that tops the list of all products with the highest vitamin C content. Together with the cold-pressed blackcurrant, strawberry and grapefruit, this makes this shot a real Vitamin C booster and you can easily get your RDA of vitamin C!


    Power boost of cold pressed orange, ginger, lemon, turmeric, black pepper and vitamin D3. Fruit and vegetables actually contain hardly any vitamin D, which is why we have added vitamin D3 to this shot. Vitamin D3 is best absorbed by your body. In addition to Vitamin D3, the shot consists of cold-pressed ginger, turmeric and orange.


    Can’t choose which shots package you want? Then choose for our grand selection package. In this package you will receive 3x ginger shot, 3x turmeric shot, 3x vitamin C shot and 3x vitamin D shot. This way you can taste four different flavours in one package!


    All our packages are delivered fresh and chilled, including our monthly shots. Immediately after pressing the juices and shots we use the HPP technology to extent the shelf life of the juices. This is the very latest technology by means of water pressure. to make fresh food last longer without preservatives or heating, This allows us to deliver super fresh and still extend the shelf life. However, does the month last longer than the given expiration date? Then freeze the shots. Frozen juice will keep for months in the freezer.

    Juizs spinazie


    Like our juices, our shots are cold pressed. This means that no heat is used in the production process and that the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes from the raw vegetables and fruits is retained.

    Try squeezing juice from a ginger or turmeric root, you will notice immediately that it is really difficult. It also means that the concentrate of our ginger shots and turmeric shots is really high. That makes them very spicy - a real shot - we would say. Is it too spicy for you? Make a tea from the shots: dilute half a shot with boiled water.



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