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English: 3 DAY JUICE CLEANSE (Lydia~Digitalistas)

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For most people, Monday mornings are a bit of a drag. But this Monday in particular I have been dreading more than others. I’m nervous and anxious but oddly excited at the same time, as my three-day juice cleanse with Juiz~s is beginning.

I discovered Juiz~s through a simple Google search and was immediately drawn in by their cute labeling, bright colors and cleanse program. Don’t be fooled: many people think a juice cleanse is about starving yourself, but in reality you’re still receiving plenty of sustenance through cold-pressed veggie and fruit juice. The cleanse will give your digestive system a break from processing heavy fats and proteins – plus whatever other processed foods you consume – and the toxins stored up will finally have an opportunity to be flushed out for good.

Did you know your body puts 80% of its total energy into digesting food? That’s why you feel like you need to sleep after a big meal! Only when your body is done digesting, it can start to heal itself – that’s the main objective of a cleanse. When you’re juicing, your organs (ie: kidneys, liver and gall bladder) can all get a well-deserved rest.

Juiz~s has numerous cleanse programs available but I opted for the three-day program. The juices were delivered on Saturday, conveniently pre-packaged and frozen on arrival, so you can just pop them in your fridge to thaw out. They come with all sorts of reading information and a menu on what to drink and when.

Monday morning began with warm lemon water before my “Liquid Spinach Salad” at 9:00. I’m a regular juice drinker so it was by no means a new flavor for me, and the spinach blend was a surprisingly fresh way to kick-start my day.

I made the decision to cleanse during the work week, to keep busy, and my colleagues were immediately asking me why I’m doing this. Aside from the fact I wouldn’t mind dropping a few pounds, I’ve been feeling slugging and bloated lately; it just felt like the right time to give my body a break and a cleanse. Plus the added benefits can’t hurt: think healthier skin, improved digestion, better awareness, clear eyes and overall wellbeing.

The Juiz~s three-program includes a “Liquid Basil Salad” at 11:00, a Liquid Beetroot Salad” at 1:00 and a “Liquid Carrot Salad” at 3:30. The morning was a breeze, but around 2:00 p.m. was when it started to hit. As predicted, I had a headache (no migraine, but slightly annoying) and felt tired – but it’s all a sign that the detox is starting to work! Then of course the hunger pains began. You’d think I had been fasting for weeks, but I swear I was hallucinating small pizzas circling around my eyes. Had I really signed up for this for THREE whole days?

At 6:00 p.m. I started with one of two soups for the evening: first was sweet potato and chili (fresh and tangy!) and at 8:00 p.m. I followed it up with the Greens Only veggie soup. Last in the evening was a nut milk (hazelnut or cashew, with a hint of cinnamon) which, at that point, felt like a dessert to end the day.

Exhausted and hungry (well, really hangry), I fell asleep by 9:30 p.m. I had no clue how I’d make it through the next two days!



When I woke up on day two of my Juiz~s three-day cleanse, my headache was gone and I was feeling surprisingly alert. The morning passed smoothly with minimal food hallucinations.

Later that day I caught up with Sylvia van Alphen, owner of Juiz~s and health expert. She bought the business a little over a year ago and it has since been thriving.

“Our mission is to help people become healthier in an approachable, accessible way,” says van Alphen. “Sometimes the word ‘healthy’ also has very strict connotations associated with it, but we don’t want to be seen in that way. We don’t say you can never have a bitterball or a glass of wine from time to time, but we want to make it accessible and easy for you to have healthy choices as well.”

Van Alphen says most clients opt for the three-day cleanse, though the “juiz~s till dinner” plan is also gaining popularity. Either way, she says, cleansing will lead to increased consciousness about what, when and how you eat during the day, plus any food addictions you may have. It will make you more aware afterwards of how you can change your eating habits once the cleanse is finished.

One of the most important things to look for when picking a cleanse is that the juice is cold-pressed. The technique originally hails from Thailand but is now popular worldwide because it’s a healthier way to make juice. “When you use a blender or traditional juicer, the blades spin so fast that they create a lot of heat, and that’s damaging for the vitamins in the juice,” van Alphen explains. “In fact, they lose 60 to 80% of vitamins from the heat. Because we cold-press our juices, they are vitamin-packed, so you still get enough energy to get through the day. It’s normal to have some fatigue, but the cold-pressed technique keeps so much of the nutrients intact.”

When it comes to the Juiz~s cleanse, you’ll have all the info you need on what to drink and when: the day begins with green juices, followed by beetroot, carrot, sweet potato and then another green juice before nut milk. Van Alphen says it’s planned out this way to offer your body maximum benefit.

“It’s good to start your day with a green juice on an empty stomach, and then in afternoon we add ginger to give you an energy kick,” she says. “You have nut milk in the evening because it has more calories and is heavier, which gives you the feeling of being full. Proteins are very good for recovery, which your body will do while you sleep.”

By the end of day two I was feeling fine (albeit hungry) — but no headache to speak of. And after my cashew nut milk, I was very ready to head to bed …



Hallelujah, I made it to my final day of the cleanse! I can honestly say I’ve never thought more about food than I have in the past 72 hours, and I’m excited for this experience to finish. At the same time, I’m shocked at how much energy I have (I’m still working full days at the office), plus I can see my tummy has flattened out significantly and my skin is glowing.

But what’s next? In the same way you need to prepare your body leading into a cleanse, you also need to gradually wean yourself off the cleanse so you don’t shock your system. Remember, your digestive track has been having a serious sieta, so you can’t jump right back into burgers, fries and soda – that will completely undo all the benefits of the cleanse, plus probably make you feel quite ill.

“We recommend that after a cleanse, your ‘building’ days are half the length of your cleanse duration,” says Sylvia van Alphen, owner of Juiz~s. “So if you cleansed for 10 days, you spend five days building back up a normal diet.”

She recommends sticking to a green smoothie, fruits and veggies on your first day, then on day two add light proteins like eggs and chicken. On day three add in some whole grain carbs (ie: quinoa) and dairy. Wait a good week with foods liked red meat that are very heavy to digest.

I’ve had 72 long hours to think about what I’m going to eat once this is over, but I’m also very excited to begin on a fresh start and new journey of healthy eating. I feel like I’ve done my body such a favor, I want to keep up this good habit and continue on the healthy path.

If you’re looking to get on board, visit Juiz~s website for all the latest cleanse programs and even discounts! Juiz~s conveniently delivers across the Netherlands and Belgium.

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